The 9 Best Belly Dance Costumes of 2017

It is said that the dancing is one of the best ways to preserve our health and to stay in a great mood. If you think that you need a new distraction from your everyday problems, and the perfect exercise that will make you feel much better and boost your confidence the belly dancing is the real deal!

Sparkly costumes will make you look like a pro even if you are only a beginner in this feminine dancing routine. And the new dance moves will make you fell much more desirable. On the other hand, if you are not sure for how long are you going to practice this interesting dance, don’t hesitate to buy one of these beautiful belly dance costumes because you can wear them in thematic parties throughout the years, and you will always know what to wear for Halloween.

Seawhisper 12 Colors Belly Dance Costumes India Dance Outfit Halloween Carnival

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This one is for those girls who are still a bit shy because it is covering whole legs, and the top part is also pretty closed for a belly dance costume. There are twelve different colors of this costume, and it is very hard to decide which color is the best. It is up to you, and your mood of the day.

All of them have five pieces: top, pants, belt, head chain and veil. The top and the belt are decorated with coins (128 coins on the belt only) which are making that famous music during the dance because they are placed on your waist and chests.

The whole costume is made out of chiffon and reviewers say that it lasted more than one year, wich is great durability for a dancing costume.

Multiple colors.


ZLTdream Belly Dance Chiffon Long Sleeves Top and Lantern Coins Pants

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I am not sure if this costume follows the off shoulder trend or the designers got their inspiration from the belly dance costumes that are made like this. Anyways this costume is very trendy right now, and you can even wear that top with the pair of jeans for an everyday look. There are seven different colors to choose from.

This chiffon belly dancing costume has one pair of decorated top and pants with goldish coins, and it is great for your practice. You can always add great accessories to make it even more effective if you want to look more oriental. I am thinking of nose ring, metallic scarf twisted into a thick rope around your head, or maybe a golden body chain.

Multiple colors.



ZLTdream Lady’s Belly Dance Chiffon Bandage Top and Lantern Coins Pants

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Although this costume comes in one size, it can adjust to the girls that have different shapes of the body. The well designed and decorated top can be tied on the back and behind the neck. Just like a bikini.

The pants are wide legged and there is a lot of space for bigger thighs and legs. There are eight different colors to choose from. As you will see in the reviews, the light blue combination of chiffon bandage and lantern coin pants is the most interesting. Maybe because it reminds us of Aladdin’s Jasmine, and it can be also used as a Halloween costume. Sweet!

Multiple colors.



UPRIVER GALLERY Silk Dance Bra Belly Dance Suit Set Black & Blue Zircon 2 Colors 3 Sizes

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This costume is made out of chiffon and silk which is making it look more expensive than the previous one. It is hand made, but the price is not high as it can be for handmade clothes.

This belly dance costume is full of interesting jewelry such as metallic fringes and Arab inspired details. Since it has so many details incorporated, it is important to preserve it and hand wash it in cold water.

There are two colors to choose from: dark blue and black. The bra can be tied on the back, as in the costume above this one so you can adjust the size, and you can choose from tree different sizes: S, M or L.

Multiple colors.



Dance Fairy Exotic Belly Dance Isis Wings

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If you are new to belly dance, and a bit nervous about your first performance,
the belly dance wings are just for you! This exciting garment helps you capture the attention of your audience.

They also call these wings the dancing aura, and it really is. It is magical and so powerful. This material is semi-sheer so it looks like delicate wings. Pair them up with your favorite belly dance costume and step up to the stage like a diva.

Remember, in this offer you are only buying the wings, not the whole costume, so when you buy the wings scroll up or down, and find the rest of your costume.

Multiple colors.

ZLTdream Lady’s Belly Dance Chiffon Bandage Top and Lantern Pants

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This chiffon bandage has golden fringes and regular ones, but also some golden coins in the front and it is perfect for small busted ladies. Lantern pants have surprise effect on the knees wich are open just like modern ripped jeans. So with this costume, you can show some skin, but still stay covered enough.

You can see on the picture on the right this pink costume, but there are some vibrant colors like purple, light blue and yellow that can be even more effective.

Adding more jewelry to this your look is always a great idea, and I suggest some cool headpiece with coins to match. Also, you can buy a scarf that you can use during your performance, and it doesn’t have to be in the same color as your outfit if it has a lot of details on it that are matchy.

Multiple colors.


UPRIVER GALLERY Pearl Embroidery Bra Skirt Belly Dance Costume Suit 2 Colors 3 Sizes

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This costume for belly dancers is made out of five pieces: bra, skirt, two pieces for hands and necklace. Every piece is hand embroidered, and there are a lot of pieces and a fair amount of fringes wich are placed in the right areas and wich is dancing with you. Certainly, this one looks so professional. I would recommend it to dancers who are experienced. It is great also for those who feel confident about their dancing because there is a lot of skin showing in the upper part of the body.

It is made of chiffon and satin, and a lot of sequins and oriental details, so you have to be careful when washing it and only hand wash it in cold water. Every girl that has left the comment about this product said that she is very satisfied with the quality and that you have to measure yourself before ordering the size that you need.

Multiple colors.

Pilot-trade Lady’s Belly Dance Costume Lanterns Sleeves Top Harem Pants Hip Scarf

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This is another chiffon costume that can cover a lot but still keep its charm and purpose. Sometimes is better to wear clothes that give space for imagination to your audience. Even if the audience is just your boyfriend. Coins on the hip scarf are here to round out your figure and boost your self-confidence.

This lady’s belly dance costume is a great idea for beginners, because it doesn’t have many complicated pieces, and you don’t have to worry if something on the top will untie. You can just focus on dancing, and enjoy it. Coins on the hip scarf are here to round out your figure and boost your self-confidence. To achieve the look of a goddess you can add here some cool jewelry and a face veil. Choose from eight different colors, and become oriental mysterious goddess with your new belly dance costume.

Multiple colors.

ZLTdream Women’s Belly Dance Costume Bandage Peacock Bra Top and Fishtail Skirt

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This model is made for slimmer women, but it has adjustable top and the skirt is elastic, so it can be worn by someone slightly larger. The skirt has a metallic shiny part that I adore because it matches with the top and makes the whole combination so eclectic and eye-catching. The rest of the skirt is made of chiffon which is light and great for your dance moves. There is a purple and yellow costume, but you have to decide fast which one it will be because there are only a few left in stock.

Reviewers are commenting that the quality is great, there are no weird stitches or some other mistakes, and the ice silk on the top and bottom part of the costume is the thing that gives so much charm to this outfit.

The rest of the skirt is made of chiffon which is light and great for your dance moves. There is a purple and yellow costume, but you have to decide fast which one it will be because there are only a few left.

Multiple colors.



The 6 Best Distressed Jeans for Women in 2017

We’ve all seen trends come and go throughout the years. Some have definitely stuck around longer than other’s, and some trends just keep making comebacks every few years. However when it comes to jean’s, they seem to always be in style!

Although there are still many different types of variations of jeans.  Some people like sleek, classy dark wash jeans that are all one shade and then other’s prefer a wild acid wash jean. While both of those types are nice, the distressed jean is right there in the middle of those styles and is highly popular with our fashion trends today! These distressed jeans definitely bring back those 90’s grunge vibes, but with an updated look.  Let’s take a look!

BlankNYC Distressed Classique Skinny Jean

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These BlankNYC jeans are totally cute and a great price. BlankNYC are the perfect jean for that rebel girl, who loves to have a little fun and bend the rules! These jeans aren’t super skinny legged, which is great for those who don’t like that tight leg feel.

These jeans are a relaxed fit and have some distressed rips on the front and a large rip around the knee area. It is a mid-rise fit complete with normal pockets and belt loops. This jean is currently available in sizes 25 to 31, so make sure to check the size for that perfect fit. BlankNYC has some great fitting jeans!

You can pair these jeans with an oversized band tee, a sweat Moto style jacket, your favorite Vans, and some oversized circle sunnies for that cool girl look. Customers love this jean, saying they love the look!

Silver Jeans Light Wash Boyfriend

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Silver Jeans Co.

People say you should always try to find a silver lining and these Silver Jeans are definitely our silver lining! These ankle cropped jean’s are on the pricer side, but once you slip these on you won’t want to take them off.

This slouchy boyfriend jean made by Silver Jeans Co. is a nice light wash for those who want to mix it up every once in a while. It is a nice change from the typical dark wash jeans. These jeans have distressed rips and tears all down the legs. This jean is currently available in sizes 24 through 32, but make sure to check that size chart first.

These jeans can definitely work with a boho chic style by pairing with a slouchy eyelet top, adding a printed duster, and some super cute platform sandals. Customers rant and rave about these Silver Jeans, because they love the quality and relaxed comfy fit!


Joe’s Jeans Hello Vixen Skinny Ankle

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Joe's Jeans

These low rise distressed Joe’s Jeans are quite pricey, but the fit and quality make it worth the purchase. This ankle jean is perfect for those spring days, when the weather is transitioning.

These Joe’s Jeans are currently only available in sizes 25, 26, 30, and 32. They are in the color Perla and have a pocket pending that is said to perfectly hold your iPhone. They have multiple rips along the legs to add to that worn in distressed look.

You can pair these jeans with a lightweight lace trim tank top, a sweater, and your favorite heels. Customer’s love these jeans for the quality and the fit! Some say they fit a little big or a little small on them though, so be sure to check out the size chart before purchasing.


Miss Me Blowout Pocket Mid-Rise Boot Cut Jean

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Miss Me

Miss Me is known for its super elaborate embellished jeans that everyone loves. These boot cut jeans have a faded distressed look along the legs.

There are rhinestone embellishments and hardware all along the front and back pockets. The pocket area also has a white lace print on the inside. This mid rise jean comes in 2 washes; medium blue and medium wash. These Miss Me jeans are currently available in sizes 24 through 30.

These jeans would look great with a fitted top, leather jacket, and your favorite boots! Customers love Miss Me jeans, because of the great fit and the unique style. Whoever said rhinestones were not meant to be on jeans, never owned a pair of these perfect Miss Me jeans!

Kut From the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jean

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Kut from the Kloth

These Kut from the Kloth jeans are literally the perfect boyfriend jean you could wish for. The price isn’t that bad either. These jeans have a nice ankle cuff style, however these are a more fitted boyfriend style jean.

These Kut From the Kloth jean’s have some distressing with no major rips or large tears. These jeans are currently available in 6 sizes; 0,2,8,10,12,and 14. Make sure to check the size chart to find your fit.

These jeans will look great with an off the shoulder top, oversized sunnies, and a great pair of braided sandals. Customers are raving about these boyfriend style jeans! They love the perfect fit and the look of the jeans! Get ready to purchase these Kut for the Kloth jeans and everyone will be asking where you got your jeans from.

One Teaspoon White Beauty Freebird Jean

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One Teaspoon

We all know that jeans can come in different colors and these white One Teaspoon jeans are the coolest distressed jeans you could own. One Teaspoon jeans are a must when in need of a pair of some finely distressed jeans.

These jeans are available within a higher price range, but you will end up wearing these so much that you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them. These come in a white color with distressed patches all over and two massive rips on the knees. They are currently available in sizes 24 through 31, so make sure you check the size chart for the best fit possible. These jeans are low waist and have a cute ankle zip detail.

You can pair these jeans with an oversized thin knit sweater, a cool large brim hat, and some peep-toe ankle booties! Customer’s continue to fall in love with One Teaspoon jeans,  because of the awesome fit and style!

Jeans will continue to be a staple item in many people’s wardrobe and wearing the distressed look will add just a little more fun! Our top 6 distressed jean picks will let out your inner grunge rocker and you wont want to wear any other types pants for a while. Which distressed jean fit is your favorite? Do you prefer a dark or light wash? Let us know in the comments!

The 6 Best Backpack Purses for Women in 2017

There are purses, satchels, tote bags and the ever so cute backpacks. Other than pockets, these bags help us carry all of our belongings while we galavant around town to run errands, go to class, or just take a stroll downtown. Now don’t get us wrong we love our handbags, but we are a little partial to backpacks! Because of our backpack obsession we’ve curated a list of the 6 best backpacks for women! These backpacks range from boho to edgy backpack styles and some others in between. Backpacks are great from daytrips or anything active that may call for secure mobility and the usage of 2 hands. These backpacks will have you trading in that purse as soon as your order comes in, so go ahead and check these bags ot below!

French Connection Kim Backpack

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French Connection

French Connection is known for its high quality clothing and this accessory is no exception! This French Connection backpack looks exactly like a purse, but it comes with some awesome features!

 This backpack has 2 slip pockets and 1 zip closure pocket on the interior of the bag. It also has 3 exterior zip closure pockets. It also has adjustable and detachable backpack straps, so you are able to fit the right fit! This backpack is currently available in 2 colors; black and blue. There a large price difference between the colors, so be sure to check out the difference before purchase.

Customers love this backpack purse, because of the amount of space and pockets. They also love its versatility. It can be used as a backpack, a regular purse, or a crossbody bag!

Multiple colors available.

Coofit Leather Backpack

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This Coofit backpack is super cute and the pink colors make you think of cotton candy! The backpack size is 26 x 11 x 30 cm. The site says it has a little leather smell and the color might be a little of due to lighting and coloration. Therefore be cautious of that before purchase.

This Coofit backpack has 2 outside pockets and 1 zipper pocket on the back. In the interior there are 2 small pockets for a mobile device, 1 medium size pocket, and 2 zip closure pockets.

This bag comes in four different colors; beige, pink, rose, and black. Customers love this bag, because they say it is a nice small size and a cute style!

Multiple colors available.

Vera Bradley Preppy Poly Backpack

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Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley trades in its signature patterns and prints for these super cute and sleek looking bags. Customers are loving this style and we are sure you will too! 

This backpack is lightweight and is made from water repellent fabric. The straps are also adjustable, so you are able to find that perfect fit. The backpack size is 5 x 12 x 11. There is a front zip closure pocket hidden behind the front seam and a slip pocket on the back. On the interior there is a large compartment, then a zip closure pocket and a slip pocket. The backpack closes with a drawstring and a snap closure.

It is available in 7colors; black, citrine, cobalt stripe, mint, orange, sky blue, tango red, and toast. Customers love this backpack saying it is great for daytrips and it has fantastic functionality/durability! They also love the super cute look!

Multiple colors available.

Roxy Savanna Cay Backpack

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Roxy is known for active sportswear and fun accessories for the girls who like to get outside and be a little more adventurous. This boho style backpack is great for that girl who wants to explore.

This bag is 100% cotton, with padded shoulder straps, and a drawstring cord for closure. This backpack has one main compartment and a zip closure pocket on the inside. This backpack is currently only available in the color, True Black. This bag is great for a day of adventure or a relaxing day at the beach.

Customers gave this backpack 5 stars because of the amount of space and the great quality! Roxy products are great and this bag wont disappoint.

Lucky Brand Nyla Backpack

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Lucky Brand

This Lucky Brand backpack is definitely on the pricier side, but with its top notch quality and unique style this will be a bag that you will use way more than once.

This boho style backpack has a 17.5” shoulder drop, it is 13” high, and it is 10” wide. This leather magnetic snap closure backpack has 2 interior slip pockets and 1 back zip closure pocket. It also has super cute hassle detailing on the closure and a Lucky Brand keychain! This backpack is currently only available in the color Tobacco.

Customers love this purchase, because of its roominess and cute boho style! You’ll feel totally boho chic with this strapped to your back!

Sakroots Backpack

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This Sakroots backpack is a coated canvas and perfect for that boho babe. There is a zip closure front and middle pocket. The interior is one large comaprtment has a padded pocket and a middle zipper closure pocket with seperate sections.

This backpack also comes with a super cute wristlet of the same print, so that is a great bonus! The coolest feature of this bag is its built-in powerbank of 2500mah. The backpack is 9 x 4 x 13 and a 31 inch drop. The wristlet is 8.9 x 0.4 x 5.3 and a 6 inch drop. This backpack is available in 8 different prints!

Customers are ranting and raving about their Sakroots backpack because of it Style/design and awesome features!

Multiple colors available.

No matter where your day takes you, these totally trendy backpacks will have you covered by holding anything you will need! There are backpacks for any style and they are always a great accessory to have handy. We hope you are totally falling for our choices for the 6 best backpacks for women! What style is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

The 8 Best Pants for Summer 2017

Soon it will be that time of the year where we’re allowed to leave the coat at home and not think about the layers we have to wear to go out. Soon it will be hot again and we will be talking about which clothes to use so we can feel lighter and cooler. Or maybe, you’re planning a getaway and you need this post with desperation. If that’s the case I’m so jealous I could cry right now.

But in any case, we have to set the record straight: summer and hot weather are not for shorts only. There are some cute ways you can pull off a good and chic summer outfit, and we know just where to find the right pieces.

Popana Damask Palazzo Pants

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Popana Damask Palazzo Pants

One thing we need in hot weather is a fabric that can ‘breath’. Something fresh that allow us to feel the air and not completely locked down on our pants. And these are the pants for that, plus the trendy side of it.

These pants are made out of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, just a little bit of stretchiness, like we always need. The waistband is wide and comes with an optional fold for adjusting the length.

Palazzo pants are super trendy right now and you’re going to want these pants in every color possible. And for a better feeling for when you put them in your cart, they’re “proudly made in the USA”.

Lee Women’s Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant

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Lee Women's Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant

As a brand, Lee has an incredible reputation for making great, comfortable pants. And these cargo ones are not the exception. Especially if we keep in mind that this is a practical purchase: you can pair them with infinite top options and these will definitely be helpful during other seasons as well.

Straight-leg, with zippered pockets at front and welted pockets at legs and rear, this model is one costumer’s favorite. They highlight that these are comfortable, affordable and with a great fit. However, it I always important to be careful about the size chart.

The fabrics are different depending on which color you choose, but a wide description is offered before buying. Prices also vary by color.

Cherokee Women’s Low-Rise Straight Leg Drawstring Pant

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Cherokee Women's Low-Rise Straight Leg Drawstring Pant

Hot days call for very light materials but also, silhouettes that are loose and flattering at the same time. And if like these pants, variety of colors is also an option, look no further!

Another costumers’ favorites, with comments talking about how comfortable and great-fitting these are. There are even opinions saying they have these in different colors, which is no strange given that they’re a classic.

Made out of polyester and spandex, their most important feature is a drawstring closure and of course, a cargo pocket. Low rise and straight leg, although not so much to be touching the skin all the time. You should definitely try these ones.

Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Quinn Knit-Waist Capri Pant

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Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Quinn Knit-Waist Capri Pant

Lee again, with a different fit, a great fabric, and another costumers’ favorite. The reason these pants are perfect for the hot weather is because they’re made out of 98% cotton, which is the purest fabric you can work with, and the one that ‘breathes’ the most.

Capri pants are a great option for those people who don’t want to live their lives in shorts but still want an option different to pants. But as pants, they have front porkchop pockets and snap-flap pockets at seat.

That and the lovely shades of pastel will steal your heart like they did with mine.

Levi’s Women’s Bermuda Short

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Levi's Women's Bermuda Short

Of course, we can’t leave denim out of any pants equation, but when it comes to summer, jeans can be a Little tricky to wear, due to their thick texture. However, denim is always there, and this time the bermudas are ready to steal the show.

Once again, people is not always attracted by shorts. Not everyone has the legs or the age to pull them off, but these ones are perfect for keeping it cool and appropriate at the same time.

The base fabric is cotton, but the percentage varies by color. The size chart is very wide, but the general measures are the same for every size: front rise: 9 inches, back rise: 13 5/8 inch, leg opening: 17 1/2 inch and inseam: 10 inches rolled.

Aeropostale Women’s Color Wash Twill Midi Shorts

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Aeropostale Women's Color Wash Twill Midi Shorts

But let’s face it, hot weather calls for shorts almost all the time, so of course, we need to include a few of these. And these colorful cute ones are on sale!

The style 7920 in Aeropostale is slim fit and made of 96% cotton, a fresh ingredient for our shorts. They’re very resistant, so you can choose whether to machine wash them or send them to the dry cleaning.

One thing costumers said is that the length is pretty good for a different range of heights, so your shorts being too short is something you wouldn’t have to worry about.

SheIn Women’s Mid Waist Plaid Print Summer Shorts

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SheIn Women's Mid Waist Plaid Print Summer Shorts

And during the hot temperatures, we often face occasions in where we have to look a little more presentable, so denim shorts or bermudas are not the call. We always will have dresses, but why not thinking about a cute pair of printed shorts?

These black and white beauties are 97% cotton and 3% spandex, with a button fly closure. The fitting varies a lot, so a close and detailed look at the measurement size chart is recommended.

Due to spandex, the fabric has some stretch, but it looks chic enough to be paired with a cute top and your favorite sandals to hit the club.

Wink Gal Women’s Summer Boho Playsuit Two Piece Outfits Crop Top And Shorts Set

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 Wink Gal Women's Summer Boho Playsuit Two Piece Outfits Crop Top And Shorts Set

Who says a cute pair of shorts can’t come in a set with a crop top to make the perfect outfit at a top price?

The floral print on this set, made from 100% polyester is going to take your heart. They’re perfect for a day at the beach, a casual lunch or as part of your travel outfit. The shorts have elastic waistband and the top features invisible zip at the back.

The fabricant recommends to take a close look at the size chart offered by them you’re sure your measurements are perfect


The 6 Best Scarves for Winter 2017

Some of the guys dislike wearing scarves, but we can’t seem to find the right reason why not wearing them during the cold winter. They are very stylish, and they always help you keep your neck and the rest of the body warm. For those who think that scarves are only for women, let us remind you that the scarves are in mens fashion more than 200 years (dating way back to when almost every army in past and present used them for their soldiers).

1. Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf With Gift Box

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Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf With Gift Box

As you may know, men doesn’t like to give their reviews about products that they have bought, but this one is an exception.

One of the reviews wrote: “So I”m finally writing a review because I seriously love this scarf.” Many other reviews of this scarf just love its cashmere feel, and the fact that it doesn’t irritates their necks.

There is also a fact that this scarf is very warm, but not bulky and bunched up. You can choose from many designs to create unique look. They all have fringes, and cool patterns that you can combine with your winter garments and look classy.

One more thing, this scarf can begift-wrapped and used as a great Christmas present for your friends and family.

2. Sakkas Ellington Unisex Knit Scarf

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If you prefer polished look and solid colors, this scarf is ideal. It looks very rich because of knit design, and it serves to its purpose. Perfect length and thickness are the main characteristic of this scarf. It has no fringes so it looks more serious and more masculine.

However, many people who have this scarf have a big problem with it. It looks good on their wifes and girlfriends, and sometimes they borrow it because it looks so cool.

The price of this scarf is affordable so you can purchase two if you already know that your better half also needs a scarf and prevent stealing.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Color Block Stripe Scarf

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Some scarves are more than just frostbite protection. This Tommy Hilfiger Color Stripe comes in two designs, and both of them are very stylish. The burgundy one is more expensive, so we think the green one is a better choise for your shopping if you like to take care of your budget.

In both options colors blends very well, and all the reviewers of this scarf emphasize how warm this one is.

Great thing about this scarf is that it has tree colours that are compatible to almost every classical man coat and jacket out there.

4. Dahlia Men’s 100% Fine Acrylic Colorful Striped Knit Long Scarf

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Oh this one is fine for shure! It is made from different kind of acrylic material which has thinner and finer fibers then other acrylic scarfs. Guys that have this scarf say that it has a luxury softness.

It is also a long scarf but not that long to bother you while walking. You can wrap it around your neck and tuck it into your jacket and you are good to go.

Although it is so soft, this scarf is an excellent choise for manly man, especially tall ones. It goes well with casual style, but you can also wear it with dress coat and slacks and look sharp.

5.Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Blend Pony Scarf

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This authentic Ralph Lauren wool scarf looks so expensive and classy because of embroidered pony logo. It is made mostly out of lambs wool wich means that softness and warmth are guaranteed.

If you are looking for winter scarves you know that the best ones are those with soft surface, and wool and cashmere are the softest materials.

Pay attention when buying because the prices are different depending on the colors. For example northwest-green and hunter-navy scarves are cheaper than the rest, but they also add a strong element of style, especially when they are matched up with bland outfits.

6. Love Lakeside-Men’s Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf

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Men’s winter coats are usually very plain in their colors, so you can spice up your style with choosing the right scarf!

Here you have 30 different designs to choose from, and the price is awesome, so you can buy more, and change your style by changing just a scarf. Interesting design of this accessory will give more color to your winter clothes.

As you can see from its dimensions, it is not too long, but it is just enough to go around the neck and keep you warm. Classic style, good price and ability to combine this scarf with black, navy and red outfits is what makes it the best choice for smart buyers.

The 7 Best Women’s Pajamas in 2017

Sleep experts like to provide us with all sorts of advice when it comes to achieving the perfect night’s sleep, frequently laboring the importance of establishing a bedtime routine and even making suggestions as to what we should eat each night before retiring. Very few of them, however, seem to appreciate the contribution that the correct sleepwear can make to achieving this end goal. Don’t believe me? Try wearing your warmest ‘winceys’ on the hottest night in July and see how well you sleep. For most women now the question of which pajamas to wear goes beyond season, but is also a question of occasion.

1. Del Rossa Women’s Satin Pajamas, Long Button-Down PJ Set and Mask

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Del Rossa Women's Satin Pajamas, Long Button-Down PJ Set and Mask

Okay, so your partner, as a special treat, has booked a weekend away in a luxury hotel. What pajamas do you want to be seen wearing should the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night and you’re forced to make small talk with the other guests whilst waiting for the all-clear?

Certainly not the tatty t-shirt and torn leggings you usually wear at home. No. You want to be wearing these. 100% satin polyester, these pajamas create the same feeling of luxury found with authentic silk pajamas, but come without the hefty price tag nor the expensive dry cleaning bills.

Available in a variety of colors, and sizes (X small to XXX large), these pajamas also come with a matching satin eye mask, further insuring a really good nights sleep.

2. Women’s Sexy Basic Plain Lingerie Set, Lace Slim Camisole and Knickers Sleepwear Pajama Set

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Women’s Sexy Basic Plain Lingerie Set, Lace Slim Camisole and Knickers Sleepwear Pajama Set

In terms of a suitable occasion on which to wear this pajama set, the clue is in the title and summed up best by a reviewer who described them as ‘sexy without being too revealing.’

Available in sizes 8 – 18 (UK), this set is made from 95% cotton and has an ultra-soft feeling usually only present in more expensive pajamas, making them excellent value for money.

The measurements for each set provided by the manufacturer are very precise, so as long as you ‘measure up’ before purchase there shouldn’t be any problems as to fit. If this should happen, as one reviewer experienced, this set can also double up as underwear.

3. Carole Hochman Midnight Ladies 2-piece Modal Pajama Set

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Carole Hochman Midnight Ladies 2-piece Modal Pajama Set

Doubling up as lounge-wear these are the perfect ‘lazy Sunday’ pajamas and have such straightforward style that if anyone unexpected should knock on your door, it would be impossible for them to tell that you’re still in your jammies.

95% modal these pajamas are comfortable to wear and keep their shape after washing. Available in a variety of colors and patterns and in a full range of sizes, these pajamas make for the perfect multi-seasonal all-rounder.

4. Camille Women’s Ladies Gold Satin Pajama Set With a Red Floral Print

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Camille Women’s Ladies Gold Satin Pajama Set With a Red Floral Print

Okay. You’ve had the very worst of days. You got a written warning from your boss. You broke down in rush hour traffic. You came home to a toilet that needed unblocking.

The kids squabbled all the way through dinner and now you have spaghetti in your hair and hate everything. You need some serious ‘ME’ time and these are serious ‘ME’ time pajamas.

Light some candles, run a scented bath and then, when done, slip on these beautifully feminine, satin-feel pajamas and remind yourself just how special you actually are.

These pajamas are easily washable 100% polyester, come in sizes 12 – 20 (UK), and are available in two different colors so you can buy yourself another pair and repeat the whole process again until the world agrees to behave itself.

5. Carole Hochman Women’s Floral Cotton Capri PJ

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Carole Hochman Women's Floral Cotton Capri PJ

‘Florals, for Spring? Ground-breaking.’ Meryl Streep’s excellently delivered put-down in The Devil Wears Prada overlooks the point that there is something definitively fresh-feeling and spring-like about florals, especially when it comes to pajamas.

Made from 100% cotton, these pajamas are light enough to make them the perfect sleepwear for the warmer months.

Available in a single print and colour (Magnolia Blossom), the shawl collar, tulip hem and contrasting piping give these pajamas a stylish and tailored appeal and, although limited when it comes to sizes available (X-small to medium), the drawstring waist gives a little lee-way to ladies that may be smaller up top but bigger on the bottom.

6. Ladies Blue Sea Winceyette Brushed 100% Cotton

Ladies Blue Sea Winceyette Brushed 100% Cotton

When the nights get dark and the clocks go back there is nothing to beat the pure softness, warmth and comfort that comes from a pair of winceyette pajamas. It doesn’t matter what sort of day you’ve had, ‘winceys’ will put you right again.

If winceyette pajamas do have a drawback, it is that being essentially seasonal items you can be hard pushed to find a pair that isn’t covered in robins, reindeer or snow bunnies – cute and fun at Christmas but redundant come February. These ‘winceys’ with their floral pattern (in either pink or blue) are a rarity.

Available in sizes 12-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26 (UK), they come with an elasticated waist and being 100% cotton keep their softness right the way round to Spring.

7. Kindred Bravely the Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set

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Kindred Bravely the Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set

You’ve just had a baby. You currently exist in a permanent state of both shock and exhaustion. Your breasts are swollen and your nipples sore.

You continually want to weep and it seems like years since you last saw your feet. The most expensive pajamas on this list – Mums – you deserve these pajamas.

Designed to fit right through your pregnancy and discreet enough when nursing, these pajamas are so stylish, soft and comfortable that you probably won’t want to take them off.

One reviewer wearing the top out matched with a pair of jeans. These pajamas are available in six colors and in sizes ranging from small to XX-large.

The 7 Best Black Leggings (NOT See Through) in 2017

Leggings are one of my favorite pieces of clothes because they can be worn with almost everything. During the winter they can be one of the layers beneath your pants and keep you warm. They are elastic and soft, so they make an excellent choice for traveling. Some women use them instead of pajamas while they are away from home. I use them to save space in my suitcase. Why would I put pajamas in my suitcase when I can take leggings with me and use them for my activities during the day, and sleep in them during the night.

But, there is only one problem with this multiple uses of leggings. If they are not made out of quality materials, they become see through. And you can toss them because you don’t want your underwear flashing everywhere.

In order to help you to buy great black leggings that will suit you, I checked out a lot of reviews and opinions about best leggings out there.  Let’s take a look!

Jockey Women’s Ankle Legging with Wide Waistband

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Jockey Women's Ankle Legging with Wide Waistband

When you are looking for a perfect black legging you are looking for comfort and durability. These leggings are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. Natural but elastic.

The best part of this legging is wide elastic waistband wich makes them perfect for exercises. You can do yoga, pilates, and aerobics easily because they don’t pinch around the waist.

Reviewers claim that these are not seen trough and the material is thick, so you can wear them as pants when you want to be comfortable throughout the day, and not just for the workout.

Multiple colors.

Spalding Women’s Ankle Legging

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Spalding Women's Ankle Legging

To me, Spalding is a familiar brand for basketball balls, but it looks like that this brand has grown and now, they are loved by women and man who are not related to basketball.

This ankle-length legging featuring wide waistband wich is making them favorite leggings on the market. At the left hip, it has contrast logo emblem and there are only tree different colors of this model: black, navy, and charcoal.

Reviewers say that they are not transparent, and recommending hand washing to keep their elasticity.

Multiple colors.

Danskin Women’s Essentials Ankle Legging

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Danskin Women's Essentials Ankle Legging

Sometimes you feel discouraged to even go to the gym. You are thinking that everybody will see that you haven’t been there for a long time. They will see your muffin top. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You just have to choose the right leggings.

Danskin ankle legging has wide and elastic waistband can miraculously cover and tuck in your muffin top. They are not transparent and you can wear them as pants if you combine them with big sweater and boots. Reviewers say that they feel like they have found the best leggings for this price, and many of them are ordering more than one pair.

Multiple colors.

90 Degree by Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants

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90 Degree by Reflex Women's Power Flex Yoga Pants

I am not a genius when it comes to math, but when I checked the statistic for this yoga pants I had to put them here. More than a thousand women (and maybe some man, let be equal okay?) have left their comment about this pants, and 70% are so excited about them that you can no imagine. Five stars everywhere.Multiple colors.

It seems that everybody loves good stitching, comfort and soft feel of these flex yoga pants. Curvy girls are obsessed with these pants because they are stretchy and higher waisted, so if you bend everything stays covered. Now, take a deep breath and choose the right color!

Multiple colors.

Baleaf Women’s Ankle Legging Inner Pocket Non-See-through Fabric

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Baleaf Women's Ankle Legging Inner Pocket Non-See-through Fabric

Figure flattering ankle leggings from Baleaf are excellent for your casual look because of that special addition: inner pocket! You can keep your key inside, an iPod, or something so valuable but small.

The waistband is elastic and broad, and it stays in place when you work out. The opaque fabric is hugging your legs and waist perfectly, and its stretchy material is not scratchy and the skin breath underneath. Just an excellent choice in this price range. And in higher price ranges also.

Multiple colors.

Daisity Women’s Yoga Pants – Gym Activewear Slim Spandex Tights – Hidden Pocket

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Daisity Women's Yoga Pants - Gym Activewear Slim Spandex Tights - Hidden Pocket

Three words to describe these pants: comfort, comfort and pure happiness! Okay, that is more than tree words, but you get the point. They fit like a glow, and they do not see trough because the material is thick.

Skin can breathe underneath these pants, and gym people just love them. And I call gym people all of those who go to gym more than two times a month. Reviewers are smitten by their shape and the fact that they have flat seams that are reducing irritation caused by chafing.

It seems that everybody who have bought this pair of yoga pants, wants to order few more, so hurry up and order them while they are still in stock.

Multiple colors.

Franato Women’s Seamless Full-Length Leggings High Waist Slimming

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Franato Women's Seamless Full-Length Leggings High Waist Slimming

If you want to go to the gym empowered and confident, even tough you don’t spend nights and days at the gym, you need a pair of these. This specific black shiny material is lifting, tucking in, and keeping everything where it should be. Black colored clothes always shrink and makes you look thinner, and this fabric lifts your butt. Everything that you need to enhance your figure!

Reviewers are recommending them to women in their post natal period because high waist is covering muffin top, and thick fabric is covering cellulite.
It is important to say that they are easy to wash, and very durable.

Multiple colors.

The 6 Best Windbreaker Jackets for 2017

You no longer have to let those spring showers and summer storms hold you indoors. We have found the 6 best women’s windbreakers for 2017! You will no longer have to feel like a prisoner in your own home you’ll be able to continue to explore the great outdoors even if is down-pouring with 25 mph winds. All of these jackets have windproof and water resistant capabilities. They range from cool classic windbreaker styles in a nice neutral color to super fun spring colors. These windbreaker jackets will keep you warm and dry on even the stormiest days. So don’t let excessive winds and rainfall keep you tied down, take a peak at our list and you will be adventuring as soon as your windbreaker arrives in the mail!

Columbia W’s Flashback Windbreaker

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Columbia Flashback Windbreaker

Columbia is well known for making quality clothing tailored to an active outdoors lifestyle. According to customers they did not disappoint with this lightweight windbreaker. This Columbia windbreaker is perfect for those days when there is a drizzle in the air all day long.

This windbreaker is made of water resistant fabric which is perfect for rainy overcast days. This coat also has an elastic adjustable hood and zippered pockets to keep you dry. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It comes in 4 fun colors; black shiny, laser red shiny, cypress shiny, and light grape shiny. It also has a slightly longer length than a regular windbreaker, which seems to be a hit with customers!

Customers loved this product giving it a five star rating! They loved the lightweight fabric, the longer length, and the great price! This windbreaker is perfect for those warm spring showers!

Multiple Colors Available.

Carhartt Rockford Windbreaker

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Carhartt Windbreaker

Carhartt makes quality hunting jackets and with this windbreaker there is no exception to its quality. This windbreaker is considered a rain defender, so of course it is on our list for the best windbreakers to protect you from the elements.

This jacket is made with water resistant and wind resistant fabric to keep you dry. This jacket is currently available in sizes extra small to extra large. It also comes in 2 cool spring colors; burnt coral and emerald. This jacket has a hood with an elastic cord to tighten for extra windy situations. It also has a zippered chest pocket and snap button closure side pockets. It has snap adjustments on the wrists for an adjustable fit.

Customers are falling hard for this jacket purchase! They love the spring colors, the roomy fit, and the great quality of this item! You don’t want to miss out on this purchase.

Multiple Colors Available.

Adidas Outdoor Wondertag Jacket

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Adidas Windbreaker

Adidas is a leading brand for sports and activewear. It has been incorporating climate protection to their products for some time now. This Adidas Wondertag jacket is perfect for that protection of rainstorms with windy conditions.

This jacket is a little pricey, but definitely worth the purchase. This jacket has many features including being rain and windproof. It also has very breathable fabric and an adjustable hood. This jacket is available in sizes extra small to extra large. Theres is a nice array of 7 vibrant colors; night flash, vivid berry, semi solar yellow, solar blue, light purple, base green, and black.

Customers are ranting and raving about this product, saying this jacket is great in windy/rainy weather. They say the jacket is very roomy, so you can order a size down if you would like it to be more fitted.

Multiple Colors Available.

Columbia Flash Forward Printed Windbreaker

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Columbia Printed Windbreaker

If you’re looking for a fun print to add to your storm weather style. This Columbia colorful geometric printed windbreaker is just what you are looking for.

This jacket has water resistant fabric so you stay nice and dry during rainstorms. It also has zippered pockets to keep those rain droplets out. It is also equipped with an elastic adjustable hood and an adjustable waistband in order for you to find the best fit. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It is available in 4 fun springtime prints; eclipse blue, geyser print, foxglove floral, and tippet triangle.

Customers love this jacket due its great fit and quality of the item. They did say it is a little thin, so it is better for those warmer stormy days. It is currently on sale, so get it now before the prices rise.

Multiple Colors Available.

Charles River Apparel Front Pocket Classic Pullover

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Charles River Apparel Windbreaker

This Charles River Apparel windbreaker brings back that 90’s style of jackets with its pullover style and kangaroo pouch pocket. This jacket is designed to be a little oversized, so get ready to feel cozy while you talk your stroll down the block during a calm rainstorm.

This jacket is comfy and warm, because of its water and wind resistant fabric. It has a half zipper on the front, so it’s also perfect for when the rain ceases and the sun comes out from behind the storm clouds. There is an adjustable drawstring cord on the waistband for comfort. This jacket is currently available in sizes small to extra extra large. It also comes in 11 different colors! These colors include; forest green, golden yellow, orange, white, cardinal, navy, purple, royal blue, black, maroon, and red.

Customers love this jacket for its ability to keep out the rain and to withstand strong winds. They also love the great price and the roomy fit so they can layer clothing underneath.

Multiple Colors Available.

The North Face Resolve Jacket

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The North Face Windbreaker

We all probably know someone who owns a North Face jacket and you should definitely know why! These jackets are made with quality and comfort in mind.

This jacket is fantastic with great moisture repellent fabric and it also protects against the wind chill. It is mesh lined for a light weight feel. It has an attached/adjustable hood! This zip front jacket is also featured with a chin guard with a velcro top closure. It is currently available in sizes extra small to triple extra large. It is available in 45 different colors so we are sure there is a color that will suit your style!

Customers adore The North Face products and this jacket is no exception. They love that this jacket really does keep them dry and warm during storms. However the jacket according to some is a little thin, so it might be best for warmer rain storms. They also advise to check the colors as to some look a little different than the picture. Nonetheless, this North Face will definitely compliment almost every outfit!

Multiple Colors Available.

Even though it’s warm outside doesn’t mean you have to get drenched or end up chilly due to the elements. Try out our 6 best windbreakers list to find the best one for you! You’ll no longer have to walk home from school, work, class, or an outdoor activity cold and drenched. What do you think of our picks? Which jacket is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

The 6 Best Black Pants for a Curvy Figure in 2017

I just love when a woman has curves, and I think man also love to see women with curves. Unfortunately media today doesn’t empower enough woman who has curves, and it is very common for girls and women to think that they have to hide them.

No, you don’t have to do that my dear. You have to embrace what you have got and to style it up.

With perfect style, and smile on your face, you will be the star of every event that you attend. People enjoys meeting women who look like a goddess. And by that, I mean women who know how to take care of her makeup, hair, and outfit. I am here to help you choose the right style for your curvy figure, and all of my suggestions of pants will be in black color because that is the best for every formal and informal occasion.

Ruby Rd. Women’s Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

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Ruby Rd. Women's Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

Perfect pants for office are those that have classic shapes, and these pants do. They have a high waist and relaxed fit and that never goes out of style. And what is more important, these pants are so flattering to you body type.

Your legs will look longer because of the high waist and flat front, and the black color will make you look a bit thinner. Also, they are stretchy because they are made of nylon, rayon, and spandex. That means that you can wear them all day long, and don’t feel any discomfort.

So, if you are looking great everyday pants that are flattering to your curvy figure you are a click away from them.

Multiple colors.

2LUV Plus Women’s High-Waisted Plus Palazzo Pants

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2LUV Plus Women's High-Waisted Plus Palazzo Pants

These days wide leg is a huge trend, and if you are women with curves you can freely follow this trend. Pants like this are called palazzo, and I think of them as a more stylish version than those pants with bell bottoms.

If you pair them with a glittery top, and comfortable high heels you can go downtown and dance whole night fiercely. It will also look amazing if you pair them up with two button jacket for an office look. You will have a lot of space around your legs, and around your waist.

If you are standing it will look like you are in a long skirt, but you shouldn’t just stand it these. You should take them for a walk around town, and become the next street style icon!

Multiple colors.

Lixmee Women’s High Waist Solid Color Loose Wide Leg Pants

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Lixmee Women's High Waist Solid Color Loose Wide Leg Pants

Another pair of palazzo pants, but for those who like heavier materials. They are simple and they are giving you very sophisticated look. When I first saw them, I remembered my favorite English teacher who was so posh and intelligent.

Perfect for office work and strict dress codes because of their structure and material. They are also a good choice for winter days. Pair them up with shoes that have high heels, blouse and a version of Chanel jacket for a smart look.

You can also wear a thin belt with this pants, and try to match up your belt and shoes for more style points.

Multiple colors.

Sidecca Women’s Retro Rockabilly 6-Button High Waist Smock Pant

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Sidecca Women's Retro Rockabilly 6-Button High Waist Smock Pant

Pants above were perfect for winter, and this pair of women’s retro pant is just made for summer nights at the peer. Famous high fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger were inspired by this theme, and why wouldn’t you be inspired by sea and sailors as well?

High waisted pants with 6 buttons will make your waist look thinner, and add that 60ties favor to your outfit. Buttons are here just for decoration, and as you may see on the picture there is a zip closure. It is important to know that the fabric around the waist provides extra stretch and that is very light weighted wich makes it perfect for summer.

Match this pants with curly hair, red lipstick, big lashes, blush, and polka dots for a retro look. For nautical style match them with stripes, red details, and golden jewelry.

Rekucci Women’s Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Straight Pant w/ Tummy Control

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Rekucci Women's Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Straight Pant w/ Tummy Control

It is said that you can’t judge a book by its covers, but can you choose a pair of pants because of the name? In this case, you can.

This fabric is made to hugs your legs perfectly, and hide imperfections with tummy control around the waist. These high waisted pants feel like wearing your yoga pants, so you can wear them wherever you go. For example, if you have a long distance plane to catch, they are the right choice. You can also wear them to any formal occasion that you have, such as ceremonies, public events, or for office work.

Reviewers agree that this brand is becoming their favorite brand for pants, just because of this model. That says a lot, don’t you think?

Multiple colors.

Briggs New York Women’s All Around Comfort Pant

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Briggs New York Women's All Around Comfort Pant

Sometimes you just need some regular pants that won’t be in the center of the attention. You are just asking for the pants that are comfortable and versatile. Regular pants that don’t have any trick or buttons or zippers. Plain and clean. That doesn’t mean that your style will be plain with them. It means that you can match them up with all the moods women can have.

Straight leg is figure flattering for women with curves, and the pockets on the side are there to make your look much cooler. I just love when the pockets are made like that, so I can put my hands inside and look so cool and confident.

It is important to mention that these pants have an elastic waistband, but the front part is very flat, and that is the reason why so many women liked it so much.

Multiple colors.

The 6 Best Women’s Running Jackets for 2017

Dreaming of taking nice relaxing run in 2017? For some, the changing season’s will have you wondering what to choose to wear from your athletic wardrobe. Today we have created this list of the best women’s running jackets for 2017.

These jackets range from super stylish pieces to colorful fun styles that will make you feel like you can run just a little bit faster and a little bit longer. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid marathoner or just starting the Couch to 5k program, these jackets will have you moving those legs and staying warm while staying active.

Even if you don’t run at all, these stylish running jackets will keep you warm while running errands on chilly spring days and keep you looking fashion forward when you take that spin class at the gym. Check out these hot picks below to get ready for you next active endeavor!

Kirkland Signature Full Zip Active Jacket

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Kirkland Signature Sea Foam Green Jacket

This Kirkland full zip active jacket is the perfect running jacket for 2017. It is equipped with a full length zipper closure. It has moisture absorbent fabric to provide ultimate comfort while staying active. There are even cute thumbholes to keep those hands nice and snug.

This jacket is currently available in sizes extra small to medium. It is available in 3 different colors; coral, sea green, and blueberry. Customers give this jacket 5 stars due to its great fit! They all deem it to be an excellent choice and perfect for jogging.

You can pair this running jacket with a variety of sports attire, including patterned leggings or running shorts. You will love this jacket and end up buying it in every color!

Multiple Colors Available.

SM by Steve Madden Quilted Hoodie Running Jacket

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SM by Steve Madden Hoodie Jacket

Steve Madden is usually known for its great quality shoes, handbags, and clothing. Now this brand has dipped into the activewear market, creating some customer hit pieces. This jacket is on the pricer side, but well worth the splurge with its cool mixture of fashion and functionality.

This SM by Steve Madden hoodie jacket is perfect for when the weather is a little colder. It has a diamond quilted body with raglan sleeves, creating a perfect silhouette.

It has a full zip closure that locks in warmth while the thumbholes keep sleeves in place and hands toasty. The jacket also has an arm pocket which is perfect for cellular devices and zipper pockets on the sides. It is currently only available in sizes large and extra large. It also only comes in one color combination of black/jetty grey.

Customers love this unique style and flattering fit. You can pair this running jacket with a classic pair of black leggings and black and white sneakers for a very monochromatic look. Get it now before your size is sold out!

Asics Lite Show 1/2 Zip Jacket

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Asics 1/2 Zip Jacket

This Asics 1/2 zip jacket is great for comfort and perfect for that mid-day jog through the park. This jacket is the epitome of style and has a great amount of special features. It is a great price for the quality and protection while running.

It has moisture management fabric capabilities. It also protects you from those rays of sunshine with 50+ UPF. It has mesh fabric with an air channel for ultimate comfort and breathability. There is also a reflective logo and trim for visibility during those spur of the moment nightly runs. Instead of the usual zipper pocket, this jacket is completed with a nice kangaroo pocket. It runs in sizes from extra small to extra large. It also comes in 3 colors; black life show print, grapeade, and pistachio.

Customers love this jacket for its great quality and fun style! They also say it runs a little small so they advise to order one size larger. You can pair this cute jacket with some printed running shorts or capris, perfect for those warmer day runs. You won’t be disappointed with this item!

Multiple Colors Available.

Head ‘On the Move’ Moto Jacket

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Head Moto Jacket

Head is more well known for their top quality tennis rackets and tennis gear. But this jacket is perfect for that fashionista who wants to stay setting trends even while running that mile loop.

This Head Moto jacket is quite trendy with an asymmetrical biker jacket look. It also has cuffed sleeves and thumbholes. The zipper is also reflective when shined on by lights at night. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to large and is available in 2 colors, black and charcoal heather.

Customers love this jacket! They adore its great price, lightweight material, and stylish look. You can pair this trendsetting piece with some colored leggings or even double it as a regular jacket and wear with jeans.

Multiple Colors Available.

Nike All Time Full Zip Training Hoodie

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Nike Jacket

Nike has been known for its quality performance wear for decades. Being a leading brand in the athletic industry for its innovation of functionality and quality.

This Nike full zip training hoodie is perfect for some of those colder days. It contains thermal fit fabric to keep you warm while you exercise. The arms also have thumbholes to keep those hands nice and warm. The fabric is also quite comfortable and it has a kangaroo pocket to store small items. It comes with a hood with a drawstring so you can keep on running even when those clouds look a little stormy and rain begins to fall. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It comes in 5 different colors; fire berry/vibrant pink, black, light tidal blue, court purple, and purple dust/green.

Customers love this jacket for its great fit and great quality! You can pair this jacket with a number of athletic attire. Black clothing is always a nice choice and the jacket will be a great pop of color. Get ready for a chilly run with this great item!

Multiple Colors Available.

Icyzone 1/2 Zip Running Shirt Jacket

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Icyzone Jacket

This Icyzone 1/2 zip running shirt jacket is perfect for those warm days when their is only a faint chill in the air. This jacket is perfect for the person who isn’t afraid to add some crazy prints and a little color their running wardrobe.

This jacket comes in sizes small to extra large. It comes in 5 colors/geometric patterns which are called fantastic, lighting, monochrome, plume, and zebra. This jacket is made with a very comfortable material that is quick drying and with a great style and fit. It has thumbholes and a mesh back for cooling. There is a zipper pocket on the back and the arm!

Customers love this jacket because of the cute thumbholes, the amount of pockets, and the comfort of the item! You can pair any of these sweet geometric prints with a pair of solid leggings or running shorts for a balanced look. This jacket will be all the rage on the running trails!

Multiple Colors Available.

We sure hope you feel like taking a nice jog after reading about our picks for the best running jackets for 2017! While you are running those errands or running on that rugged trail, you deserve to be comfortable and stylish. Go ahead and choose which of these cute running jackets are your favorite. What jacket style do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!