Best Stylish Winter Boots for Women in 2017

Winter is coming… and it’s not a Game of Thrones joke anymore. We’ve come to that time of the year where we need to put on a lot more clothes and have to walk around with sweaters, jackets, tights, boots, and everything else you can imagine. In some cities, snow will come and then things will get a little trickier, but most people love it because it’s an opportunity to feel cozy in our clothes.

However, looking cozy doesn’t mean that we have to leave the ‘chic’ element behind. Winter comes with a lot of opportunities for dressing and looking incredibly cool in our everyday style, only a little bit more protected to weather. And that task applies, of course, to shoes. Why? Because shoes are one of the most important parts of women’s wardrobe, and they became extra important on this season, because the feet need to be protected.

Of course, the best shoe option for winter are boots. And since we want you to feel cozy and look awesome, check out some stylish option for winter boots.

BEARPAW Women’s Emma Tall Shearling Boots

First things first, we need an option that is comfortable, cozy and practical. And what better than a pair of black simple boots?

These round closed-toe beauties feature a sheepskin lining, which gives your feet extra warm in low temperatures.

They also present a cushioning inside for more comfort. And if things get tricky due to snow or water, you can also trust their rubber sole, which comes with traction that will make your steps a little bit more secure.

This pair is definitely an investment for years to come.

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Lamo Sable Women Round Toe Suede Winter Boot

Girls who would like a shorter and a little bit more affordable option can think about these boots.

Made out of suede both in the outside and sole, they’re a costumer’s favorite for their cozy faux fur collar and lining, which makes them super cute and trendy.

The water-resistant upper material gives them extra protection from the weather and they also feature a manmade sole, which translate resistant.

With a different range of pricing depending on the color, most say they fell in love with the adjustable buckle detail, which makes the boots adapt to your feet.

Different colors available

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Rocket Dog Women’s Buni Fleeced Tall Knee High Wedge Heel Suede Winter Boot

Suede is one of the favorite fabrics to make shoes in winter because the material has a warming quality that provides comfort at the same time. These Rocket Dog boots provide all the qualities of the previous items we displayed, and they add some inches to your height, with a Buni Fleeced Wedge Heel. The heel height is 3.75 inches and the boot is 17.4 tall, which make them fit into the tall boot trend that we’re loving so much.

One of the biggest qualities that costumers have highlighted about these boots is their fit, which is surprisingly accurate. Along with the synthetic sole, which besides the extra inches, is comfortable and very resistant, perfect for the short girls or heel lovers during the season.

Different colors available

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Lise Boot

Yes, we just said that suede is one of the most popular material to use during winter. However, other fabric that is absolutely useful for bad conditions is leather. Not so comfortable, but really resistant, that’s why it is the favorite among the toughest gals out there.

This Harley-Davidson model is made 100% of leather and it definitely will make you look like you own town, no matter where you are.

It has a rubber sole, which means you can use them in the snow or the rain without causing any trouble, and it also features a little heel, perfect for someone who appreciates looking taller but not losing their feet on the way.

It can look perfect with everything: jeans, leggings, and even a dress who needs a bit or rocker attitude.

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Cougar Women’s Jessy Winter Boot

But there are also those ones who can’t precisely afford leather (which, let’s face it, sometimes is an investment) and still want to look tough and chic.

Thank God for faux leather, which also pleases the eco girls out there. Cougar made an interesting bet combining one of the most popular models of boots with a synthetic material that really fools the eye.

One of the best features of these combat boots is their memory-molded removable insoles, which adapt to your feet and after a few times will feel like you’ve been wearing those your whole life like you were born with them.

The lace-up shaft makes it very adaptable too, and the best thing about this option is that not only comes in black: if you want to look even cooler, you can order them in patent black. Who’s the boss now?

Different colors available

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Delicious Women’s Eminent Inner Zip Almond Toe Stacked Chunky Heel Bootie

And starting here, we take things to another level. Heel level, that is. As we already mention, there are girls who are not willing to give up their extra inches just because it’s winter and cold outside.

For them, of course, there’s also a solution, something like a really chunky ankle boot with a lot of style.

These booties are synthetic and come in 4 different colors, and the price is so affordable that you can think about getting all of them. And although they have a lace-up detail, also come with an inner zipper, for an easy on and off.

The best thing is you can not only wear them during the winter, because their cut makes them easier to put on during fall or spring, for the ones that love them too much.

Different colors available

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Nine Seven Genuine Leather Women’s Pointed Toe Stiletto Heel Zip Handmade Knee High Boot

And now, the ultimate winter heels for the height lovers out there. This genuine cow leather model is not only a classic, but it fits perfectly into the tall boots trend that we’re season since the cold season started.

One pair like this will make you confident, sexy and chic, all at the same time.

Although the price is not the most affordable, you can consider it a serious investment, guaranteed to be in your closet for a long time to come.

The heel is approximately 3.74 and inches and the rubber sole will prevent you from any accident that can come out of walking with killer heels. The stiletto heel is what makes it so special, an item that you can pair with jeans, skirts, dresses and everything you want to give a chic twist to.

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8 Best Trench Coats for Men in 2017

Firstly trench coats were made for military generals, but they didn’t make them popular. The popularity of this classy coat rose when Humphrey Bogart appeared in it in a movie “Casablanca”.

Nowadays the trench coat is the garment that distinguishes an adult man from a boy. You certainly need a fair dose of style which is collected throughout the years so you can look polished in a trench coat. Here we have 10 great trench coats which can make you look iconic like Bogart and feel like a successful business man.

APTRO Men’s Wool French Front Long Business Plus size Coat

trench-aptroThis trench coat is made of 100% wool, and it has a lining made out of polyester which makes it perfect for windy days.It has very stylish mandarin collar, and you don’t even need a scarf because of that.

It has a button closer, and you can purchase it in five different colors. Reviewers of this coat recommend buying a bigger size than usual because it is made in China.

Still, if you miss the right size, you can return it for free. I saved the best news for the end. It is on sale, and if you buy it now, you can save almost 264 $ on this show stopping coat.

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Men’s Stylish Fashion Classic Wool Double Breasted Pea Coat with Removable Hoodmens-stylish

Trench with an oversized hood? Why not?! After all, you wear trench coat when the weather is changing, and a shower of rain will never surprise you again whit this model.

This coat is made of wool, and it fits great because it emphasizes shoulders. When buying, it is important to follow instructions about the size and you are good to go.

You can choose between red, navy, camel and black color, and all of those are great colors for keeping the everyday style on point.

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Lende Men’s Trench Coat Winter Long Jacket Double Breasted Overcoat 

trench-lendeLong and double breasted overcoat by Lende is a crowd pleaser. You can wear tree piece suit under it and look like a business man, or pair it up with cool tart scarf and jeans for more casual look.

The collar is classical, and it doesn’t deform. There is a waistband in the back of this coat and belted cuffs which are giving this coat much better shape.

As usual, it is very important to go trough sizes when ordering yours, and this company made it very easy with their chart.

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FLATSEVEN Mens Winter Double Breasted Pea Coat Long Jacket

trench-flatsevenStitching and materials in this double-breasted pea coat are just perfect, and people who ordered this fashionable trench coat are very pleased to report that it smells nice when it arrives.

It is not a secret, they put their special cologne on the material and everybody just loved that. It is hard not to mention, but Flatseven customer service is one of the best out there because they always find a way to help you find the right fit.

Built in belt and buttons make it look very elegant, and you can wear it in occasions when you want to impress you business partners or love of your life.

It is important to say, that this one, like many other trench coats, is not suitable for cold weather, but rather for autumn and spring time.

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MOGU Men’s Double-Breasted Belted Twill Trench Coat

trench-moguModern and well fitted, it certainly looks more expensive than it really is. Many people who purchased this trench coat are just putting their best words about it.

Some say that it looks like it is tailored just for them, and others just love the quality of the material. Those who have bought this trench coat in blue, say that it is a bit darker than it seems in their monitors, but then again it is not a navy color.

You can also choose khaki and black version of this coat, depending on your shoes. Khaki would go well if you have brown shoes, and blue and black are a good combination with black shoes.

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London Fog Men’s Iconic Trench Coat

trench-london-fogThe price, the fit, the style! Everything is awesome! London fog company just killed it with this coat. It has a zip-out lining which gives it versatility, so you can use it in warmer conditions.

For cold weather, there is a way to put the collar up and button it, so it can protect you when it’s windy. Pockets are big enough to keep big telephone and your hands in it.

One reviewer noticed how this coat slides off and on easily, which is a great thing for people who are always in some kind of rush.

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BGSD Men’s “Xander” Classic Leather Long Trench Coat

trench-bgsdMy favorite material, leather, made its big comeback a few years ago. Luckily man can also enjoy the benefits of leather trench coats as much as women.

Because of the material, it is a bit more expensive than other trench coats, but when you buy leather, you know how long it can last.

This trench coat style is ageless and very practical. Some men that have purchased this one, say that you will a scarf around the neck for this coat because it is hard to button up near the neck. There are also epaulets on shoulders, to give a more masculine look.

In my honest opinion, this one is the sexiest in this post, and I would definitely turn my head for a guy who wears a leather trench coat.

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Alpine Swiss Zach Mens Wool Trench Coat Knee Length Overcoat

trench-alpineInside of the coat is quilted lining and tree pockets, and outside sophisticated knee length coat with two pockets and five buttons.

It might not have the belt, but is one of the dressiest overcoats on the market.

It will be a good choice for elegant events in the open, and many men who are not fashion addicts should consider this one because it looks so normal, and it doesn’t stand out of a classy crowd.

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The 8 Most Flattering Dresses for a Pear Shaped Body in 2017

One of the most difficult things of being a woman is trying to find flattering clothes all the time. As every type of body is different, girls often come across trends or pieces they don’t know how to wear or if they can really work with them.

Among all the body types we can find in women, one of the most popular is the pear-shaped. This kind of figure is present in women with hips wider than their shoulders, which gives a perfect name for the category. Being the hips the most prominent part here, the key task is giving the body a little balance. In that line, things like accentuating the waist, and highlighting the top parts (shoulders, back), are perfect. Which dresses can make you use to rock your beautiful body? Let’s see some options!

Diane von Furstenberg Women’s New Julian Two Wrap Dress

dvf-womens-julian-wrap-dressDiane Von Furstenberg deserves a big prize and maybe a statue somewhere for creating one of the most useful pieces of clothing in the history of women’s closets.

With the ‘wrap dress’ she changed our lives because is a dress that is not only flattering but fits incredibly in every different figure and shape. The plus for pear-shaped girls is that it really accentuates the waist, and creates an awesome balance.

This version, the original one, is made out of viscose and spandex, which gave it the structure a dress needs, but also a great flow quality.

The price might not be the most affordable one, but this one is a real investment that you’re going to wear for a very long time.

Multiple Colors Available

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Meaneor Women’s Striped Linen Shirt Dress with Waist String

meaneor-women-striped-linen-shirt-dressAn excellent option for those girls out there who don’t exactly enjoy a tight dress but still want to have the waist as the focus point in an outfit.

This cotton dress is a good choice both for office or more casual days and its color makes it easy to pair with any kind of accessories.

The A-line skirt will give you a sense of volume, but not too much for your hips, and its price makes it an offer hard to refuse.

Multiple Colors Available

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BeautyGal Women’s Back Zipper Bowtie Lace-up Cherry Print A-line Dress

beauty-gal-women-back-zipperFashion loves A-line skirts because they’re flirty, elegant and help to create that retro look we all look great in. However, girls with a bit more curves are afraid of them because it can add volume on the hips. But they can’t be more wrong.

A dress like this, with a fitted waist and wide skirt, would only help to create the balance any girl with pear shape body is looking for. This one by BeautyGal not only looks and feels vintage, but it features the slimmer color of them all, black, with a cute print.

The ball-gown silhouette makes it classy and the best thing about it: it comes in a very wide range of sizes, from Small to 2XL.

Multiple Colors Available

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Womdee(TM) Women Classy Deep V-neck Half Sleeve A-line Party Cocktail Dress

womdee-women-classic-vneckAnother great tip for women with a ‘pear body’ (did you know it’s also called triangle?) is the silhouette known as empire.

This waistline that is not actually in the waist but a little bit above it highlights the upper part of the body, taking the attention a little bit away from the bottom.

This green beauty has a deep v-neck, which gives you the skin you need to show, but it keeps it classy with the sleeves and the length.

The color is timeless and let’s face it, you can see yourself wearing this dress any time of the year and at least with three different pairs of shoes.

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Elywish Women’s Empire Waist Double V-Neck Ruched Evening Maxi Dress

elywish-womens-empire-waistFollowing the line of an empire waist, a maxi dress with this design is a very nice alternative to play with.

Made out of 95% rayon and 5% spandex is more than a nice dress that would only work at the beach.

Its texture makes it easy to wear, but also very versatile: think an afternoon party, a wedding or a casual event you want to dress up a little.

It features a v neck front and back and four different colors that can be the perfect choice for a variety of occasions.

Multiple Colors Available

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Fllbridal Women’s Strapless A-Line Party Short Prom Dress With Lace UP Back

fllbridal-womens-straplessThis dress basically summarizes everything we’ve being saying on this post: it has volume on the upper body, an empire waist, and A-line skirt.

And did you notice it comes in 26 different colors? Suitable for proms, parties, homecomings and other formal occasions (did someone say bridesmaid?), it looks really elegant thanks to the chiffon is made of, and it will highlight all the correct parts of your body.

The best part of all is the personalized part: the seller makes it very clear that you can add some things to your dress: zipper, straps, order your size and, of course, the color.

Many colors available!

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YSJ Women’s Leopard Paisley A-Line Loose Cotton Spaghetti Strap Tank Dress

ysj-leopard-print-paisley-alinAnd of course, we have the women that hate the idea of anything form-fitting but they also want to look good, really good. And there are options for them, called loose dresses.

The charm of these pieces is pretty evident, but no one should underestimate their value: This dress can give an actual proportion to the body, but with only one condition: that is your real size.

Otherwise, it will only look big on you. This leopard dress has the best print in the world and spaghetti straps for extra comfort.

Its fabric, 95%-100% cotton makes it light and perfect for very relaxed moments in life, where freedom is the most important thing. After looking good, of course.

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Zeagoo Women’s V-Neck Flare Sleeve Crochet Lace A-Line Cocktail Party Dress

zeagoo-v-neck-flare-sleeveYes, loose dresses are mostly casual. However, it is possible to find less structured options in the market with a little twist that make them wearable for more special occasions.

This crochet dress is not only the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, but it fits perfectly in the boho chic trend we love so much.

Its sleeves are totally hot this season and although the lace is sheer, the lining makes it completely safe. As it comes in two different colors we couldn’t decide and we ordered both.

Multiple Colors Available

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The 6 Best Scarves for Winter 2017

Some of the guys dislike wearing scarves, but we can’t seem to find the right reason why not wearing them during the cold winter. They are very stylish, and they always help you keep your neck and the rest of the body warm. For those who think that scarves are only for women, let us remind you that the scarves are in mens fashion more than 200 years (dating way back to when almost every army in past and present used them for their soldiers).

1. Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf With Gift Box

Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf With Gift BoxAs you may know, men doesn’t like to give their reviews about products that they have bought, but this one is an exception.

One of the reviews wrote: “So I”m finally writing a review because I seriously love this scarf.” Many other reviews of this scarf just love its cashmere feel, and the fact that it doesn’t irritates their necks.

There is also a fact that this scarf is very warm, but not bulky and bunched up. You can choose from many designs to create unique look. They all have fringes, and cool patterns that you can combine with your winter garments and look classy.

One more thing, this scarf can begift-wrapped and used as a great Christmas present for your friends and family.

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2. Sakkas Ellington Unisex Knit Scarf

sal-2If you prefer polished look and solid colors, this scarf is ideal. It looks very rich because of knit design, and it serves to its purpose. Perfect length and thickness are the main characteristic of this scarf. It has no fringes so it looks more serious and more masculine.

However, many people who have this scarf have a big problem with it. It looks good on their wifes and girlfriends, and sometimes they borrow it because it looks so cool.

The price of this scarf is affordable so you can purchase two if you already know that your better half also needs a scarf and prevent stealing.

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3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Color Block Stripe Scarfsal-3

Some scarves are more than just frostbite protection. This Tommy Hilfiger Color Stripe comes in two designs, and both of them are very stylish. The burgundy one is more expensive, so we think the green one is a better choise for your shopping if you like to take care of your budget.

In both options colors blends very well, and all the reviewers of this scarf emphasize how warm this one is.

Great thing about this scarf is that it has tree colours that are compatible to almost every classical man coat and jacket out there.

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4. Dahlia Men’s 100% Fine Acrylic Colorful Striped Knit Long Scarf

sal4Oh this one is fine for shure! It is made from different kind of acrylic material which has thinner and finer fibers then other acrylic scarfs. Guys that have this scarf say that it has a luxury softness.

It is also a long scarf but not that long to bother you while walking. You can wrap it around your neck and tuck it into your jacket and you are good to go.

Although it is so soft, this scarf is an excellent choise for manly man, especially tall ones. It goes well with casual style, but you can also wear it with dress coat and slacks and look sharp.

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5.Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Blend Pony Scarf

sal-5This authentic Ralph Lauren wool scarf looks so expensive and classy because of embroidered pony logo. It is made mostly out of lambs wool wich means that softness and warmth are guaranteed.

If you are looking for winter scarves you know that the best ones are those with soft surface, and wool and cashmere are the softest materials.

Pay attention when buying because the prices are different depending on the colors. For example northwest-green and hunter-navy scarves are cheaper than the rest, but they also add a strong element of style, especially when they are matched up with bland outfits.

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6. Love Lakeside-Men’s Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf

sal-6Men’s winter coats are usually very plain in their colors, so you can spice up your style with choosing the right scarf!

Here you have 30 different designs to choose from, and the price is awesome, so you can buy more, and change your style by changing just a scarf. Interesting design of this accessory will give more color to your winter clothes.

As you can see from its dimensions, it is not too long, but it is just enough to go around the neck and keep you warm. Classic style, good price and ability to combine this scarf with black, navy and red outfits is what makes it the best choice for smart buyers.

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Best Khaki Pants for Women in 2017

In an era of black, another neutral remains as the perfect secret for every day outfits. Khaki pants are not only classic, but practical and versatile. You can wear them to the office, to a casual day with friends or even to a very fashionable date by just changing the top or accessories. From a very classic fit to the boldest ones, all this chicness in one pair of brown pants, fit for every size and taste.

Lee Uniforms Juniors Curvey Straight Leg Pant

lee-uniforms-juniorsLet’s start with the basics. An imported item made of a good mix between cotton (97%) and spandex, which brings versatility to table. These are a classic take on the Khaki style, and can fit anything from casual office where, light errand running/weekend wear, or a special event.

The cut is exactly what we need to have as a secret card for a lot of occasions, and it’s definitely something everyone should have in the closet because it can save the day when we need to.

One of the most important features are the pocket, which are actually real in the front, not like those fake ones most pants have now.  A perfect choice to have as a staple option for many events.

Other colors available…

Available Now!

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Dickies Girl Junior’s Worker Bootcut Pant with 2 Back Pockets

dickies-girl-juniorsAnother classic silhouette, made of 100% cotton and perfect for the classic ones that enjoy a good old bootcut. Midrise, for those ones who like to keep it balanced (not too low, not two high).

Also, the construction of these pants is well made and out of good quality, equipped with our beloved pockets in the back. The good thing about having them is that you can wear them either in a corporate environment or in a more casual way.

Try it with different types of tops and shoes and you’ll see the difference.

Multiple Colors Available

Available Now!

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Red Fox Women’s Twill Jogger Pants

womans-twillThe casual girls are going to be the happiest with this selection, because who wouldn’t love the characteristic color of khakis paired with really comfortable pants? In the sport chic era, joggers are an excellent options to add creativity to your outfits.

Of course these are not the typical khaki pants you’re used to wear, but they are as good as your old ones and you have style guaranteed. With Span Twill as main material, this jogger pants are good both for your casual Sundays or moving day.

Thinking ahead, they will also be a bold option to attend an event. Try them with a little bit more of a dressy outfit and let’s see what happens…

Multiple Colors Available

Available Now!

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ToBeInStyle Women’s High Waist Boot-Cut Dress Pants

tobeinstyleHigh waist and a wider boot, the answer to our trendy prayers. Palazzo pants are a huge thing right now, going from jeans to fancier pieces.

If you want to try this trend but are still not too convinced, this pull on closure piece will do the trick.

Functional belt loops, front zipper and buttons make them flattering to almost every body shape.

Comfortable and dressy, just like we need for our perfect heels or white shirt.  This pair will serve you excellently for everything from work, to semi-formal parties, and work perfectly with high heels.

Multiple Colors Available

Available Now!

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Ybenlow Women’s Solid Stretch Drawstring Casual Skinny Pants

ybenlow-solidKeeping the trendy way now we have ripped skinny khaki pants. Yes, they can be all that. This Ybenlow model combine the comfort of cotton with Spandex, which gives it a lot of elasticity without losing its form.

It also has full elastic waist and interesting cargo pockets.

Affordable and practical, it can be an awesome bet for the weekends and even casual Fridays.  Not the best choice for a job interview, but a perfect choice for a lazy Sunday.

This are of the costumers’ favorites, and it’s clear why. Good price and fashion, all in one.

10+ Color options available!

Available Now!

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Yelete Women’s Basic Five Pocket Stretch Jegging Tights Pants

yelete-basicLeggings have taken the world by storm. And their cousins, jeggings, are coming to us as a colorful new option, with pocket. And pockets are exactly the main attractive of these khakis, followed by the awesome price.

Super soft and stretchy, they meet the first requirement of its kind, embrace the curves. It’s the look of jeans/khakis with the form fitting nature of leggings/yoga pants.  Your co-workers won’t know the difference!

If you enjoy showing off your figure, this is the perfect choice because on top of everything, they look like jeans!

And if our star color is not enough, with that price tag you can also get them in more than a dozen colors.

15+ Color options available!

Available Now!

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HyBrid & Company Womens Super Comfy Stretch Ankle Zip Moto Skinny Pants

hybrid-super-comfyCurvy flattering and, let’s face it, a little badass, with a very stretchy waist that provides room to move easily and freely. The benefits of leggings are here with sewing details that give them an extra touch.

This is the way to go for the rebel hearts out there that also have to keep it simple and elegant.

With a focus on comfort, this fabric combo 65% cotton certainly outperforms other comparable options.

They’re great to pair with either Converse or high heels, and due to their fit it will be a good base for a variety of outfits, from day to night and office to fun.

Multiple Colors Available

Available Now!

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Dockers Women’s Detail Pocket Stretch Capri Pant

dockers-womans-detailClosing the list there’s a classic with a twist: the cropped pants or capris, as we used to called them in the 90’s.

They happen to have made a huge comeback this season, and of course a khaki version is available. Think about them as your regular pants with the length you love on your skirt. 97% made out of cotton, the comfort is guaranteed.

Pockets are also important here, keeping this model practical and pretty, the perfect pair for your pumps.

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Best and Warmest Winter Jackets for College Students in 2017 (Mens and Womens)

When winter arrives, sometimes you have to choose warmth over the style, and that is just not fair, especially for college students that are going to be spending the next months and years with their fellow schoolmates. Luckily, there are jackets for winter that can satisfy all needs. We have made a list for both male and female students that are both stylish and warm.

Lets begin with the ladies (click here to skip down to the Men’s section).

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Plus Size

tommy-hilfiger-womens-plus-sizeJust what many of us is looking for, when it comes to finding the right coat for freezing winter days. It is not too glamorous, and not too sporty, and that makes it perfect for your college style. It has zipped pockets on both sides, and it visually makes you look thinner. It comes in tree different colors, so you can choose the one that goes well with your boots, scarf or beanie.

This coat has a lined hood, made of the polyester and wool, which will prevent any disasters that rain and snow can cause to your hair. Entire coat is also made of polyester and wool, so it will keep you warm like a french kiss. When it gets a bit warmer, you can get rid of the hood and unzip the jacket to show of your sweater.

Multiple Colors

Available Now!

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Minibee Women’s Winter Outwear Hoodie Coat

minibeeThe trend is simple this season: the bigger, the better! Minibee women’s winter hoodie coat is very stylish and it will keep you dry at any time. It is just perfect for moments when you can’t hold the umbrella because it’s is so windy.

This one has a snaps over the zipper, which is great because sometimes zippers can break if you are not very careful. Multiple colors available.

The army green version is the edgiest, but you will not miss if you pick any other color. So, If you are the person who likes to stand out of the crowd with their style even in the coldest weather, this one is for you.

Multiple Colors

Available Now!

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Steve Madden Women’s Single Breasted Wool Coat

steven-maddenWould you like to get a lot of compliments about your figure during the winter time? Oh well, who wouldn’t?!

But frankly, in this time of the year when we need the most confidence, we tend to get fat, and our clothes is not that flattering as it was in previous seasons.

That is why we all need a coat like this in our wardrobe. This coat emphasize the waist and it is a classic. It comes in 8 different colors, and it has a hoodie that is very practical.

If you want to feel like a lady, and embrace your beautiful curves, this one is for you.

Multiple Colors

Available Now!

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Women’s The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket

womans-north-face-arctic-parkaDuring those cold months we usually wear a lot of heavy clothes, and that can be really annoying, but this coat is much lighter than the others in its category and it just won’t make you feel looking like a marshmallow.

It is great for outdoor activities because it has a good zipper, big fleece lined pockets to warm up your hands. The cuffs inside the sleeve keep your arms warm, and prevent cold air inside your coat.

It comes in various colors, and it has a cool, versatile hood with faux fur trim. Perfect jacket for those girls who enjoy outdoor activities and winter time, without catching a cold.

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That’s it for the Ladies, here’s the mens selection:

Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket

wantdo-mens-waterproofWantdo waterproof mauntain jacket has an inner pocket for important documents, wallet or keys which makes it very practical. There is also an earphone line fastening and supporting fixture available inside the jacket.

Very cool, masculine and sporty jacket is the best solution for days without motivation. In this one, you will feel like you can climb the mont Everest. For college budget this one is perfect, because it is cheaper than those with known names, although the quality is the same.

You can also use this jacket for skiing during the holiday season.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ultra Loft Insulated Midlength Quilted Puffer Jacket with Fixed Hood

tommy-hilfiger-mens-ultra-loftThis wind-breaker is a bit more expensive than the previous one, but it has so many great rewires all over the internet, that it seems that is worth it.

Designers of this jacket were very smart, so they have made sleeves with elastic fabric around wrists for keeping you away from cold, but they also made it that it doesnt look like that, it looks like regular sleeve.

You can wash it washing machine, and maintain it for more than just one season without big dry cleaning expenses. Another good thing is that this one is very lightweight so you can pack it in your bag, when you travel.

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Columbia Men’s Blancher Mountain Omni-Tech Jacket

blancherMany guys are not big fans of accessories such as scarfs, and hats. They need good spacious hood, and full zip closure with one button snap on top. The lining of this jacket is perfect for trapping body temperature as well as preventing any wind from penetrating.

Nice touch  is removable hood, as this gives the wearer another option for reducing bulk when the weather is nicer. It also has a wather proof pocket in front, for your best friend-your phone.

This jacket is great choice for those who live in places with more extreme winter conditions, or for those who just dislike a lot of layers and sweater underneath the jacket.

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Carhartt Men’s Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Active Jacket J133

carhartt-mens-artic-quiltThis water-repellent jacket is excelent  for cold weather and some reviewers say it is so awesome and warm that it can be worn even in Alaska. It features two inside pockets, two hand-warmer pockets and rib-knit cuffs and waist.

A lot of reviewers have mentioned how stiff the jacket is when you originally receive it, but that is in the beginning, because after few days you stop noticing that stiffness. So, when you receive it, use that piled up exam-stress for a good cause and break this jackets stiffness.

This jacket is also known for its durability, so it may stay with you throughout your college years.

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Best Rain Jackets for Women in 2017

With the onset of the spring season, we are on a constant look out for clothing options that are a perfect combination of style and purpose; outfits that protect us from the weather and at the same time make sure that we step out in style!

Well look no further, we bring to you a catalogue of cherry picked premium quality rain jackets for women. Each of the entries has made the cut by successfully being scrutinized on our list of parameters such as, fabric quality, stitch pattern, extent of insulation and warmth offered, average customer reviews and many more.

Let’s have a look at them:

#1. Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket

Columbia Women's Switchback II JacketVerdict from a whopping 1,484 customer ratings- 4.3/5 stars

‘’ Excellent, well worth the money!!! “-Actual Review

With a staggering 1,484 customer reviews and a 4.3 star rating, this Columbia jacket seems to be adored by one and all! Assessing from the number of people going gaga over it, seems like ‘simple and sober’ is definitely in this season.

This lightweight nylon jacket is extremely compact as it can be folded into its own pocket and put in a purse so that you don’t have to bother with carrying it around on a trip. This lightweight nylon jacket offers Omni-shield advanced repellency to completely lock out the cold and keep your body at a comfortably warm temperature. Ideal for both a quick trip to coffee shop and a camping trip, this jacket by Columbia proves them to be a proclaimed brand in winter weather wear yet again.

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#2. Charles River Apparel Women’s New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket

Verdict from a whopping 2,358 customer ratings- 4.3/5 stars

‘’ This jacket is simply perfect “-Actual Review

This exclusive rain wear jacket by Charles River Apparel is surely a winner with an average rating of 4.3 and largely positive 2,358 customer reviews. It comes in 13 vibrant colors and is heat-sealed to keep out wind and rain.

This has an A-line fit that gives a flattering silhouette, a customer from Seattle definitely agrees to this, saying that this is the perfect ‘girly rain jacket’.

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#3. Diamond Candy Women’s Outdoor Packable Rain Jacket

diamond-cand-womens-outdoorVerdict from 81 customer ratings- 4.2/5 stars

‘’ By far the best fitting jacket I own ‘’- Actual Review

This jacket by Diamond candy takes up the #3 spot in our coveted list due to its popularity with the customers. It is coupled with elcro cuff tabs and attached, fully adjustable hood with hidden draw cord system.

These added comforts make it a top choice amongst travelers, trekkers and alpinists. The jacket has been praised for its stylish fit, sturdy design and great waterproofing effect.

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#4. RAIN SLICKS Women’s Classic Look Raincoat Hooded Plaid Lined Waterproof Jacket

rain-slicks-womens-classicVerdict from 153 customer ratings- 4.2/5 stars

‘’ Waterproof and stylish ‘’- Actual Review

Garnering mostly 5 star reviews, this jacket by Rain Slick is very fashionable and durable. The free shipping and return options make it an even more attractive deal to consider.

The modish rolled up cuff look showing plaid lining, is adored by most of the customers. It has numerous pockets which provide great room for your stuff and is relatively lightweight without losing on the warmth aspect.

As a reviewer sums it up pretty well, ‘’ Better than any other raincoat that I have ever had.’’

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#5. Columbia Women’s Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket

pardon-my-trench-from-columbiaVerdict from 681 customer ratings- 4.1/5 stars

‘’ A stylish, effective layer ‘’- Actual Review

Another superb item from Columbia made it to our list. Available in a plethora of colors and sizes, this trench-coat-style rain jacket is considered effortlessly street-savvy by the customers.

It gives a versatile fit and a flattering longer cut, which is generally not common to find in bulky rain weather outfits.

As one reviewer rightly remarks,’ It’s hard to keep your waist contour visible when you’re wearing layers, this trench coat with waist belts helps a lot in this department!’

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#6. Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra-Light Weight Short Down Jacket

wantdo-womens-hoodedVerdict from 347 customer ratings- 4.1/5 stars

‘’ Best lightest coat ever ‘’- Actual Review

This super light and warm jacket by Wantdo is popular for its sporty yet feminine look and feel. This is padded with zip closure and reglan-sleeve design.

Customers report timely delivery, perfect fitting and are overall happy and satisfied with this purchase.

The coat is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and Amazon offers the option of free returns on some of them, thus making it easy for the customers to find the perfect fit.

NOTE: For best results while hand washing, allow jacket to drip-dry before tumble-drying

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#7. Meaneor Womens Rainwear Active Outdoor Hooded Cycling Packable and Lightweight Jacket

meaneor-rainwearVerdict from 347 customer ratings- 4.1/5 stars

‘’ Simple yet awesome ‘’- Actual Review

This Meaneor Rainwear Outdoor Jacket is definitely value for money with most of the reviewers labelling it as- lightweight, portable and smart.

This is a perfect gear for people who are headed for a place with rainy climate as it zips up well and is extremely comfortable even with the layering underneath.

According to a satisfied customer,’’ The jacket comes packed in visibly good conditions without any stains or loose threads and is true to the material specifications mentioned.”

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#8. Calvin Klein Women’s Hooded Water Resistant Softshell Rain Jacket

calvin-klein-womens-hoodedNo reviews yet

Free returns on select sizes and colors

This voguish Softshell rain jacket by fashion giant Calvin Klein is definitely worth a steal. It comes with the revolutionary 4-way stretch, ensuring effortless comfort that moves with your body.

It is thigh length with zipper closure and exhibits a tonal logo detail at the left hem. The sleeves are sufficiently long and adjustable with Velcro tabs.

Made of spandex, this surely classifies as one of the trendiest rain jacket of the season.

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#9. Helly Hansen Women’s Kirkwall Rain Coat

helly-hansen-womens-kirkwallVerdict from 18 customer ratings- 4.0/5 stars

‘’ Great coat ‘’- Actual Review

The Kirkwall rain coat is a new, trendier version of the classic Helly Hansen fisherman’s raincoat. This combines both style and practicality in its great retro design.

Full-stretch helox+ fabric ensures total weather protection and freedom of movement. A verified reviewer, living in a rainy climate, happily states that it’s of supremely high quality and she is very likely to recommend it to a friend.

This model runs a bit small in its size, so keep that detail in mind while purchasing.

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6 Best Cargo Pants for Women in 2016

Who doesn’t love more storage? Cargo pants aren’t just for rugged adventures. Here are the top six styles that range from casual to active. Wear them to work, out on the town, out for a run, or just lounging at home.

1. Lee Women’s Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant


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These are the pants you’ve been waiting for. Lightweight, with just the right amount of stretch, these comfortable cargo pants work as well in the office as they do on the trail. The fit is great, the straight leg silhouette is stylish, and they don’t have too many bells and whistles. Pair them with a t-shirt for casual comfort, or dress them up with a pretty blouse.

2. Dickies Women’s Relaxed Cargo Pant


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The Dickies name is synonymous with tough work clothes, but these cargo pants showcase the company’s softer side, literally. An incredibly soft, brushed cotton make them quite comfortable, and the fit is fabulous. True to Dickies form, these high quality pants hold up well through a long day, and keep you looking great as you relax all evening.

3. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Cascades Explorer Pant


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Thick enough to handle outdoor adventures, light enough to keep you cool, these quick-dry pants from Columbia are great for hiking as well as everyday wear. Perfect for traveling — stay comfortable on the plane and look good when you reach your destination.

4. Red Fox Womens Cargo Jogger Pants


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Sexy, stylish, and functional. Dress these up with a pair of heels or tall boots. Made of a sturdy twill fabric with a bit of stretch, these pants fit comfortably, hugging your curves while leaving room to breathe. For the price, you may find yourself wanting a pair in every color.

5. Soho Glam Women’s Classic Soft and Comfy Drawstring Jogger Pants


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Take these durable joggers to the gym and they will work just as hard as you. Comfortable and curvaceous, these pants are an attractive alternative to run-of-the-mill sweats. Besides looking fantastic while you work out, you’ll also have plenty of spots to keep all those essentials (like your keys and wallet) that are so annoying to exercise with. And if you feel like taking the day off from your usual workout, these cozy cargo pants are also perfect for curling up on the couch.

6. PajamaJeans Straight Leg Dark Brown Cargo Pants for Women


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The only downside to these fun, adjustable cargo pants? They are so comfy, you might not want to leave the house. But they’re so cute, you’ll definitely have incentive to. The soft, stretchy material is flattering, and they are just the sort of pants you’ll want to live in. They’re versatile, too. Wear full length, or roll up the hems for a cropped look.

The 8 Best White Dresses for Women in Spring and Summer 2016

Spring and summer are popular seasons for special occasions. And since it’s perfectly fine to wear white after Labor Day, every woman needs a “little white dress” hanging in her closet as that go-to spring or summer piece for all of the events on her calendar. Casual, cool and chic are three words that come to mind when looking for that must-have seasonal white dress. These 8 options top the list of ones that make the cut.

  1. Zeagoo Chiffon Summer Sleeveless w/ Belt


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Perfect for spring or summer, this sleeveless dress is great for weddings, baby showers and Sunday brunch. Thanks to its double lining, your intimates won’t show through when light hits the fabric. The static-free chiffon won’t stick to your skin, so you can enjoy wearing the soft, comfortable piece and draw attention to your waistline with the included sash. Throw a lightweight cardigan over your shoulders on a chilly night to add a pop of color to your look.

  1. PAKULA Sexy Sleaveless Lace


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Hit that summer beach party in style when you strut your stuff in this casual cotton lace dress. Its sheer fabric makes it great for wearing over your two-piece, but be careful walking in the sand where the sun shines. It has a snug fit that falls above the knees to show off your summer ready legs.


  1. Viwenni® Womens V-neck Chiffon (Sexy)


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The free flowing, Bohemian style of this dress is just right for those casual summer days when it’s scorching hot outside and you want to show off that sizzling skin. The chiffon A-line cut and open slit sleeves will let the summer breeze cool you down while you look summer hot. This dress runs large, so you’ll want to order one size down.

  1. Meaneor Floral Lace Shift Dress


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With feminine lace detailing across the top, this shift dress is a fabulous pick for lunch dates, a daytime wedding or an afternoon out with the ladies. The above the knee length is ideal for any body type, and the side pockets give you a nice place to hold small essentials. The dress is made from 20% cotton and 80% polyester, offering form fitting comfort while still allowing room to breathe.

  1. Sleeveless Lace Fit + Flare


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Available in both standard and women’s plus sizes, this 100% polyester dress is a gorgeous choice for elegant daytime soirees. It has vintage-inspired flair, a sweetheart neckline and a ribbon tie at the waist to accentuate those womanly curves. Made in the USA, this lace dress is the perfect length if you want to be modest and stylish.

  1. Eva’s Eye Women’s Chiffon Summer Holiday


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One of the most comfortable styles of dress is a maxi. For spring and summer, a maxi is great because you can wear it alone, or add to your look with accessories. This soft, sleeveless, chiffon maxi dress has a cinched in waist that allows wiggle room for women, since it is only offered in one size. The sheer lightweight fabric makes this dress great for warm summer days.

  1. Sakkas Ella Double Layered Bodice Spaghetti Strap


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Made from 100% cotton, this spaghetti strap dress is not quite a maxi, but is still long enough to be dressed up for more formal occasions. The rouching around the bust and waist are a nice touch of texture, and the scallop styled edges add dimension to the double layered skirt. Available in one size, the dress fits approx US dress sizes 0-16, UK sizes 6-20, and EU sizes 34-48.

  1. Modern Kiwi Eva High Low


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Available Now!

Wear it as a dress by itself, as a top over leggings, or as a cover up for your summer swimsuit. Made in the USA, this rayon/spandex blend dress has a snug fitting elastic bust, which keeps it from falling down. Show off those sexy shoulders and legs with this flirty, flowy piece. Not too short and not too long, the length is just right for spring and summer days in the sun.


The 6 Best Trench Coats for Women in 2016

Trench coats are arguably one of the most sought-after garments for female consumers in today’s world. They’re warm, stylish, and come in many different variations you can choose from. Trench coats also fit the body very well and can give out a direct representation of a woman’s physique while keeping her warm in the process. No wonder why they are so popular, especially in the rainy Spring months.

Without further ado, here is a our 2016 list of the best Trench Coats for Women:

#1 Pardon My Trench” Rain Jacket from Columbia

columbia-pardon-my-trenchThe Columbia Women’s Pardon Trench jacket would be a great addition to your collection if trench coats are up your alley for the cold season. This particular jacket designed by Columbia, is made mainly of 100% nylon and lined with polyester. It’s designed to provide a high-level of comfort for you while making sure you’re warm and toasty during your daily errands.

It’s well-made and completely safe for a nice machine wash whenever it’s time to do so. This Columbia jacket tends to look great with fitted jeans or tights. It’s sure to give off a nice impression and look for women out there with slender body-builds. The hip pockets are essential for small item storage while it’s removable belt adds additional assistance in keeping the warmth inside.

Rainy day? fear not, as the adjustable storm hood will be sure to keep you nice and sheltered as you go about your day. Is this the coat for you?

See Prices, Colors and Availability

#2 Viishow Fur Lapel Trench Coat

viishow-red-trench-coatThe Viishow Fur Lapel trench coat is certainly an eye-opener to say the least. The deep-red coloring is sure to turn heads while appearing to be professional and fashionable at the same time. At first glance, there’s a certain indication of high quality and craftsmanship. You can instantly tell it’s well made and designed, or even cost 5x it’s retail price.

However, the good news is that it’s actually very affordable! The coat is well designed and is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a nice fit and noticeability. The color schemes included in this product are wool blend and red. The wool-blend gives out a nice outdoor-oriented look while the red is a more aggressive, seductive approach.

Whatever type of look you’re going for is completely subjective, but we’d surely guarantee that you can’t go wrong with either choice. Everything about this faux coat is solid, from the button sizes to the strap design. We feel like this particular trench coat can grant you an overall new look as well as a possible newly-found confidence. Highly recommended as a great addition to your closet’s collection.

See Prices and Availabiliy

#3 Acevog Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Acevog Wool Trench CoatThe Acevog Women’s double-breasted trench coat is surely one of the more professional-looking coats in our gallery. We believe it is one of the few types of coats that a woman can go straight out of cold weather and into a working environment and blend right in. This trench coat is simply something else. Like many others, it’s a slim-fit, but it has all the assertiveness you’ll ever need. It gives off a driven/motivated individual type of feel.

At first glance of it being worn, it earns it’s own respect with the slick, dark coloring and mixture of wool, polyester, and rayon. If you’re into scarfs, you’re in luck. Feel free to mix and match whatever color you’d like with this trench coat. You can go from casual, to artsy, to professional in one simple exchange.

What’s best of all is just about any color or design scarf with go right with it. The Acevog trench coat also has a decently-wide selection of coloring you can choose from. These include gray, black, navy-blue, army-green, and dark-gray. Even with the variations, we strongly feel that many scarfs with blend right with them. This is a great trench coat to flex your creative abilities on.

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#4 Zerlar Open Front Trench Coat

zerlar-open-frontThis trench coast is one of the more uniquely styled and textured ones on the market. While the button and pocket placements differentiate, the design and texture are remarkable. The Zerlar Outwear Waterfall cardigan sweater can stir up a slew of different opinions.

The professionalism and assertiveness surely tones down, but comfort excels. The coat fits loose while also feeling very soft at the same time. The sleeves will grant your arms breathing room and warmth and provides a bit of natural style with it’s cuffs.

There’s also a fair amount of pocket space in this sweater, great for accessory storage. It may appear to look like a bathrobe from the beginning with the loose appearance, but it goes great with white or dark-colored slim fit bottoms. The Zerlar cardigan comes in grey and khaki coloring made by 90% acrylic.

If you value comfort and warmth a bit more than style, this shoe definitely fits. A nice cold-dry wash with fabric softener will have this garment hot and ready to-go whenever it needs to be cleaned.

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#5 Double Breasted Trench Coat from Plus4U

double-breasted-trenchThe plus4u womens double-breasted trench coat is among one of our favorites. Why do you ask? well, for many reasons. Let’s start out with the wide range of color options that are available with it. Choose between burgundy, black, brown, grey, charcoal, red, teal, and navy coloring for whatever mood you’re in for the day.

This coat has nice, fitted sleeves, a crispy collar design, and a warm hood for the not-so-warm precipitation. It’s fashionable, recreational, and professional all in one.

The plus4u trench coat is made up of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This means you may want to air or hang dry it if you wish for it to remain its modern size. There’s also a bit of added spandex to fit bodies that are a tad bigger than its specified frame. With 8 frontal button and front pockets that fit snug, this thing will definitely keep you warm and secure in chillier weather.

With a large variety of colors, you could have one for different kinds of environments. We highly recommend that this product is machine washed with cold water and no bleach. All too often, coats become ruined because this isn’t addressed.

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#6 Jubilee Double Breasted Overcoat

jubileen-double-breastedThe jubilee women’s hooded overcoat has a more abstract design than most other trench coats out there. There first thing you’ll notice is that the buttons are scattered, the hood has an interior design, and there are a significant amount of designer creases on it. Nonetheless, it’s still a very nice trench coat by alway means and here’s why.

For one, the coat hangs a bit lower than most, so the top of your legs will receive an additional amount of warmth when worn. This coat always comes in about 5 color variations (black,blue,gray,purple, and red) so choose what looks best on you.

The Jubileens trench coat is tight knit with slim-fit arms and waist as well as a nice belt for even more support. This thing really hugs your body while being very sophisticated at the same time. Add a nice collar and hood, and you’ll more than like feel the warmest in this type of trench coat as opposed to many others in the market.

Looking for some different options? You can check out our entire Winter Apparel section or jump right to our Winter Coats for Women guide…